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15 years and running - FUN FACTORY makes erotic toys respectable

Discovering the world of aesthetic and trendy love toys The days when enjoying sex was the reserve of men are happily a thing of the past. Who would have thought that in the mid-1990s two students from Bremen would make the important topic of female passion respectable? Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl were fresh out of university when they founded their company FUN FACTORY in 1996. Their business idea? They wanted to produce aesthetic and trendy erotic toys that really speak to women and build a name for quality and class. In a conversation with the founders of the erotic shop For Ladies in Bremen, we learned that there was practically nothing of the kind, Bauer said, "We recognized a gap in the market and made the decision to do something. Our products should unite aesthetics, quality and functionality. They should be fun and no one should be ashamed of them."


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PATCHY PAUL Smartvibes w/Turbobooster
SKU: B-200

The new and improved Patchy Paul III is the third generation Paul, with new technology. It provides a more powerful motor and from the dial base, it allows the user to choose from light vibration to very strong.

Our price: $75.00
SKU: D-800
Curve is very thoughtfully designed. It has a soft bend for perfect g-spot stimulation, a little “bump” at the tip for clitoral stimulation. Its handle was designed with the "Royal Curl" for easy handling and perfect positioning.
Our price: $75.00
SKU: D-700
This amazing toy is one of kind. The Share is made of high quality silicone that works as well with or without a harness. German designed for sharing with your partner, or to be be used solo.
Our price: $95.00
SKU: B-330

Small silent waterproof contoured massager with a range from "is it on?" to "holy moly!" Oprah has one in her night stand for her neck.

Our price: $60.00
SKU: B-211
This playful Sea lioness has a perky vibrating stub nose that really pamper the clitoris. At the same time it's round body can be shifted into a wonderful rotation for vaginal pleasure.
Our price: $100.00
SKU: B-304

The explicit characteristics of each Zodiac sign are engraved in design and color according to the ASTROVIBES. As a result this Series created artistically, partially abstract vibrators whose character undisputedly arouse desire.

Our price: $50.00
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