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The Magic Wand is by far our most popular vibrator. The magic is in its ball-shaped head, soft, yet throbbing, which delivers so much pleasure during masturbation. This same vibrating head is also excellent for overall body massage for you and your partner. The flexible neck and long handle allow for easy maneuverability, and it has two speeds, low and high. It delivers strong, reliable vibrations to the clitoris (it's not designed for insertion). You will enjoy the magic for years!

SPECIAL BONUS: We will include with every Magic Wand an informative pamphlet written by Dell Williams, Founder of Eve's Garden.

For internal stimulation you will need one of the attachments shown below. 

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The following is an unsolicited testimony:

The Magic Wand is the vibrator I've most recommended to clients for the last 30 years. Women report that the vibrating head is the most satisfying of any vibrator--electric or battery. They enjoy it by themselves as well as with their partners... the best investment you can make in a long and happy sex life: it will be a faithful friend... Janet Wolfe, Ph.D... Author, What to Do When He Has a Headache

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Our price: $79.95
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MOTHER-DAUGHTER WISDOM: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters, and Health, by Dr. Christiane Northrup CLIMAXA Pleasure Amplification THE PREGNANT COUPLE'S GUIDE TO SEX, ROMANCE, AND INTIMACY, by Sandra Margot, C.C.S.
SACRED SEXUALITY: The Erotic Spirit in the World's Great Religions, by George Feuerstein, Ph.D. SATISFACTION, by Kim Cattrall TEX (VixSkin) by Vixen
FIRST PERSON SEXUAL: Women and Men Write about Self-Pleasuring MAN OF MY DREAMS: Sensual Fantasy DVD For Women by Sinclair Institute Lelo LIV

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Customer Reviews

  • : Candice
    I received this as a gift 9 years ago and it just died, it was my best go to never disappointing. Time for another!
  • : Multi-orgasm man
    An ex girlfriend introduced me to the Hitachi Wand. She pulled it out after a long fuck and proceeded to masturbate to a string of bonus climaxes - then she turned it on me. It feld great and I stiffened at once. Soon after I was straining to hold off climax and felt sensations like never before. I shot. she kept on me, I stayed stiff and was climaxing again in minutes. She did me 4 or 5 times by which time I was empty and though climaxing hard was not shooting anything. Wow I remember thinking and I bought an Hitachi the next day for solo play of my own. The benefits have been huge. Stronger orgasms on demand. Multiple climaxes with little wait and best off I can hold off in a woman for ever if I want thanks to my straining against the power of the wand. Current GF loves to be fucked as I go and go for ever if she wants then I pop out the Hitachi and quickly start streaming her. Wonderful toy!!.

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