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REVOLUTION IN THE GARDEN: Memoirs of the Gardenkeeper, by Dell Williams and Lynn Vannucci

REVOLUTION IN THE GARDEN: Memoirs of the Gardenkeeper, by Dell Williams and Lynn Vannucci

Frustrated with the injustice I saw around me, and imbued with passion for political change from my earliest days, my involvement with the women's movement of the 1970's gave me the opportunity to embark on an adventure that could combine my politics with my life's work.

I believed that orgasmic women could change the world. The problem was that it was the early 1970's and in order to effect positive change, we needed to be nurtured toward our sexual liberation. My plan was to create a safe, supportive, non-sexist space where women could purchase by mail the books, vibrators and other pleasurable things that would free us to embrace our powerful sexuality.

In 1974 I began Eve's Garden - a place of abundance where women's sexuality could grow.

Through the years many people have told me that I ought to write the story of how I came to begin the Garden. I decided to finally do it because my story is really about how I followed my passion and discovered how really powerful a dream can be - I hope it inspires you to follow your own passion, and live your own dreams... Dell Williams

Dell Williams

An Interview with Harold Channer and Dell Williams

Dell and I have shared a common cause for over thirty years - education and activism to expand the potential for women's sexual freedom and satisfaction. Her book, Revolution in the Garden, is a terrific addition to the literature that continues to take the message of freedom and satisfaction to the women of the world."…Betty Dodson, Ph.D. the author of Sex for One and many other classic books and instructional videos

”A charmingly intimate, ecstatic and often hilarious dance through a genuinely heroic American life. Beautiful and inspiring”…. Rachel Maines, author of The Technology of Orgasm

“Dell Williams has gone through life with the innocence of a Forrest Gump, walking into the eye of the storm. The quest for a sexually healthy society put her mentor, Wilhelm Reich, in the grave; as a pioneer of the Women’s Movement, Dell held on to the torch. Her biography recounts the kind of sexual rites and wrongs that are all too familiar to most people. In the sex field, too often polarized by ‘Martians’ and Puritans, Dell has had her own steadfast agenda – to help men and women relate in the most intimate way.”…Edward Eichel, Author of The Coital Alignment Technique

"I read this wonderful memoir in one sitting. It reminded me of what courage and initiative it took to start Eve's Garden and how the sisterhood of the 70s was all about empowering ourselves and each other to make the world a better place for women. This is a special memoir which deserves attention by scholars, activists, and feminists."….Leonore Teifer, Ph.D., founder of New View of Women¹s Health, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, NYC

”Revolution in the Garden, Dell Williams’ revealing memoir, is a revelation about her life and her pioneering contribution to the enhancement of women¹s sexuality. Because of her work, sex is sager and more exuberant than it might have been.”….Rebecca Chalker, author of The Clitoral Truth

”When her naturally feminist mom named her for the radical Floyd Dell, was that a spell she worked? (And could she have had any idea what the outcome would be?) Dell Williams' memoir reads like a study in the sixties revolution and its long-term effects on twentieth-century American women. Feminism happens everywhere, but only in America did we take off our pants and consciously liberate our sexuality within communal sisterhood. The founder of Eve's Garden is still a live wire--even at the age of 81--and the historical knowledge she transmits to us through this book is alive with passion. Blessed be this foremother of the sexual revolution!”….Vicki Noble, co-creator of Motherpeace and author of Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World

“Viva Dell! She's an American original. Her story demonstrates that one woman with heart and vision can affirm the divine gift of sexual pleasure--and change the world for generations of women. Goddess knows we need more like her.”…Gina Ogden, Ph.D., Author of Women Who Love Sex: An Inquiry Into the Expanding Spirit of Women's Erotic Experience

"Revolution in the Garden is a feast for a woman's heart and soul. Dell William’s story, written powerfully by author Lynn Vannucci, is a true-life saga of discovery, honesty, exploration and bravery that every woman needs to read. It is filled with the grace and wisdom of one woman¹s journey that eventually touches and changes every woman. Besides being a jaw-dropping biography, Revolution is also a call for women to claim and defend the right to identify as sexual beings and to take ownership for what should always be theirs. Dell Williams not only changed and charged the world for women, she also stands as a powerful leader for female voices everywhere and every woman alive owes her a humbled and gracious, ŒThank You.)”….Kris Radish, Bantam Dell Author, Best Selling Author of The Elegant Gathering of White Snows and the new novel, Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn

”What a marvelous way for this generation of women (and men) to learn about their herstory. Dell's story is our story and you know what happens to those who ignore herstory! This is a delightful tale told with humor and compassion by and about an unassuming, courageous woman. Congratulations Dell and Lynn."…. Dr. Alice Ladas, author of The G Spot

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