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New sales record for Magic Wand

Trusted leader goes from strength to strength

The Magic Wand, the personal massager trusted by Americans for over 30 years, beat all previous sales records in 2013 in a double digit-growth spurt. During the year, this favorite toy transitioned to an updated look, revised branding from the old Hitachi to the more streamlined Magic Wand Original and also introduced even stronger construction and gently updated componentry.

Since its launch last June, the updated version has received rave reviews. It also didn’t hurt that the Magic Wand won the first-ever consumer-voted Sex Awards as Favorite Sex Toy for Women in October 2013. Over 70,000 consumers cast their votes to hand the Magic Wand its win.

To learn more about the latest-generation Magic Wand, check out the Magic Wand in our Electric Vibrator category.

Shape, Cosmo highlight the Magic Wand

Best sellers featured for Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day 2014, both Shape Magazine and Cosmopolitan gave the Magic Wand a well-deserved shout-out as the most popular vibrator ever.


Good Vibes: Eve's Garden Founder Appears in West Side Benefit for Women

Posted by West Side Spirit on April 13, 2011
Written by Emily Johnson
Photo by Isaac Rosenthal

Dell Williams founder Eve's Garden, with Eve Ensler, the author of The Vagina Monologues.
Dell Williams and Eve Ensler

The voice on the phone conjured up thoughts of baked apple pie, Werther’s Originals and reruns of Are You Being Served?. “Hello, this is Dell calling,” the 88-year-old woman said giggling. “You know, the vibrator queen.” Dell Williams has had a career that was at the forefront of the women’s movement: She is the founder of New York’s first women’s sex toy shop, a feminist, actress and interfaith minister. “Look at this,” she said one warm April night in her Upper West Side apartment. She was pointing to an article in a back issue of Cosmopolitan magazine titled “An Orgasm A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.”

“Now,” she said, “look at this.” She held up a pink button with those exact words—and under, the email address for Eve’s Garden, her boutique of erotica. “Dedicated to serving women since 1974,” the site boasts. “They got that from me,” she said. A tiny dynamo, Williams has spent the latter half of her life helping women find their sexual power. To her, confidence in all areas of a woman’s life is linked to her sexual energy—an area that our society historically does a thorough job of repressing, she said.

It was 1949 when Williams read Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich’s book The Function of the Orgasm. Some years later, she attended a “Body/Sex Workshop” in New York with feminist trailblazer Betty Dodson, who became one of her biggest inspirations. “My knees were shaking because I had to take my clothes off with other women in the workshop,” said Williams. “But when she opened the door, she was stark naked, and she said, ‘Welcome!’ so I immediately lost my shyness. It was incredible.” Emboldened by the workshop, she went to Macy’s afterwards. “So I asked some person, ‘Where do you sell the body massagers?’” she smiled. “And he says, ‘What do you want it for?’” She was mortified. “And I thought, ‘Where does a woman go to buy a vibrator where she won’t be humiliated?’.” she said. The answer came to her: Eve’s Garden.

The first few years were slow. It was difficult to advertise because no mainstream publication would take her ads. She ran the business from her apartment at first, gradually expanding into a shop. And women started to find her. “One woman came in,” Williams remembered, “and banged her fist on the counter and said, ‘I’ve been married 20 years and I’ve had four kids and I’ve never had an orgasm.’” Another time, a mother and a daughter arrived separately, prompting the daughter to shriek, “Mom!”

Her decision to become an interfaith minister arose from her belief that our spiritual natures and sexual natures are connected. These days, she is still involved with the cause. She appeared in the Fourth Universalist Society’s production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues on April 8 and 9 for the third year running. This isn’t her first foray into acting. She appeared in a 1962 film called The Cliff Dwellers, which was nominated for an Academy Award. “If I’d stuck with it,” she said, “I think I would have won an Emmy. I was a darn good actor.”

The letter below was written by Gloria Steinem

Presented to Dell at the final performance of the Vagina Monologues


Gloria Steinem Letter to Dell Williams
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