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Eve's Garden Mission

Eve's Garden was created to empower women to celebrate their sexuality as a positive, nourishing and creative force in their lives. An outgrowth of the Women's Right Movement, Eve's Garden seeks to erase the sense of shame and guilt experienced by countless women as a result of a society that historically condemns the sexual nature of women as sinful. Our version of "Eve" is a transformation from a fallen, shamed woman to a strong powerful woman proud of her strength, sensitivity and sexuality.

"To that purpose, we have created a comfortable, elegant and educational environment for women to explore the tools of pleasure, the books and other enlightening materials to enhance mind, body and spirit. We seek to encourage women to take responsibility for their own sexuality, honor the sacredness of sex and clearly understand that bodily pleasure and spiritual joy are one, and an inalienable right."

That mission statement is from 1974, the first year that Eve's Garden was in business. It's a powerful statement, no less radical now than when I wrote it and it still serves as inspiration for me and for the employees of Eve's Garden. It still hits the mark.

Dell Williams, Gardenkeeper

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