A New Web Site is Coming

A new look and better experience for you is on the horizon for Eve's Garden. We want to show our appreciation to you, our best customers, by offering a 15% Discount on everything plus Free Shipping on every order over $49 and ask for your help in launching our new site.  We have always made sure to provide the best service in the industry. You can shop with the knowledge and confidence that your packages will arrive in a discretely wrapped package and that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and never shared. Most importantly, we will continue to provide the personal advice that you seek whether you shop in person at our NYC store, over the telephone or online. The advice is yours, whether you are shopping or just looking for help; we love our customers!

Your online experience will improve dramatically in many ways including new products developed with more detailed images, improved navigation, a new blog, a mobile application, gift certificate cards, and really terrific special offers for those who choose to receive them.  Soon we will be asking you to register with us again, one time, for all of the benefits of being a customer of Eve's Garden.   

15% Discount & Free Shipping

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