15% Off Everything Site Wide and Free Shipping 
The Holiday Season is here! That's why Eve's Garden is now offering a 15% discount on orders of $69 or more as well as free shipping right right through Christmas Day.

If you are looking for a holiday gift for that special someone in your life, why not send her a personalized Gift CertificateShe will recieve an email from us telling them that you purchased a gift certificate in her name giving them a code to use to order something they really want for Christmas. You can also add a personalized message from you to her. Her order will be shipped that day priority mail free of shipping charges with a nice free gift.  
Take advantage of this sale and pickup something special for yourself made by LeloVibratexVixen Creations or from any of the other other fine product lines available on our site.  
Offer Ends December 25, 2014
$5 Flat Rate Shipping • Free Batteries
For orders of less than $69 we will ship any order anywhere in the USA Priority Mail for $5 along with free batteries.  As always DVDs ship for free. 

Founded in 1974 by women's rights activist Dell Williams, Eve's Garden was one of the world's first mail-order catalog businesses of its kind... a sexuality boutique designed for the unique needs of women. Many have copied our web site and many have tried to duplicate our service but we are the original and the one and only Eve's Garden.

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